High Voltage DCBL Motor Driver
High Voltage DCBL Motor Driver


    • High Voltage DCBL Motor Driver
Product Detail

A wide velocity range from one fiftieth rated speed to rating can be reached In use of DSP chips and smart IGBTinsulation driving module and pantent PID+PWM control scheme, satisfying occasionsdemanding a velocity of up to 20000r/min.BD series with most control speed range has a speed ratio of one fiftieth.

● Outstanding stability of speed.

Speed variation ratio(to load)±0.5%.

When load changes,speedremains stable.

Original product】                【BD Series】

To load minus;1%                  To load ±0.5%

To voltage ±1%                 To voltage ±0.5%

To temperature ±1%                 To temperature ±0.5%

● energy conservation

Brushless motor rotor consisting of permanent magnetic steelachievehigh efficiency compared with motors drived bytransducers.

● Small but powerful

Small driver output high power,contributing tominiaturizationdevices size.

●  Memorize up to 8 multistage speed shifting plans

Withpanel controller or software,users can select 8 plans of multistage speed shifting. Both in units of 1r/min or setting a single accelerating/ decelerating time are available.

●  Basic fuctions

1) 5 kinds of speed available:setted speed,analogvoltagesignal(0-5V/0-10V),potentiomete,1-10KHZ PWM,internal-switch PWM,JOG

2) 4 keys and4 bit LED

3) 2 different start-up modes of RUN+DIR and CW/CCW

4) electromagnetic braking

5) Voltage energy consumption braking

6) Brake control input and hall sensor signal output

7) 12V Internal control power supply (for local useonly)

8) Optional RS485 and RS232

9) With ModBus RTU protocol,available for Multiple communication controllers linkage operation(up to 256 controllers).Function of connecting PLC and HMI to watch on and control the motor

10) Specialized PC testing software,Convenient for parametersrsquo; revising and preserving

11) 4KHz-16KHz high speed chopper,supporting motors at 20000RPM

■ Model Name

Model name  BD:BRUSHLESS MOTOR DRIVERsupply voltage 310:310VDCPower 01:100W; 02:200W; 03:300W; 04:400W; 06:600W; 08:750W; 10:1KW; 15:1.5KWFunction types C:Standard; P:pulse controller; D: With led display, Example:CD(e.g.CDrefers toStandardand panelwith led display controller)

01 for RS232

02 for RS485

Non for nocommunication

Special Ordering number T01

Non for standard
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